Eduard Seiler Baby Grand in High Polished Ebony


Length: 5’6″

Built in 1904


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Eduard Seiler Baby Grand in High Polished Ebony

This Seiler Grand was built during the “Golden Age” of pianos and is a prime example of the finest European pianos built during that era. During this period in piano building, pianos were crafted by hand and the finest attention and detail given to procuring the best woods and materials. That’s why for over 170 years the “Seiler”name has become synonymous with well built instruments of beauty made with the best materials and utilizing the skills of high caliber piano craftsman.  This is a 100% German made instrument with German hammers and a beautiful plate very rarely seen in the grands produced today.  It sings with a clarity and a warmth only found in a well made European instrument.  Plus not only does it have exquisite detailing in the plating but the case is a gorgeous high polish ebony that shows off the unique intricate details of the music desk and case.   A wonderful piano at a fraction of the cost of a new ED. Seiler Grand!

Come in to experience this grand that rivals if not outshines the Steinway Grands in tone and playability!


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