George Steck Upright in High Polished Ebony




Height :51 1/2″, W: 60 3/4″ , D: 25 1/2″


George Steck Upright in High Polished Ebony

George Steck pianos were first manufactured in 1857 by it’s namesake, a master craftsman known for his meticulous attention to tone, design and use of the best materials available.  The honors bestowed him include First Prize at the Vienna Exposition in 1873 and a myriad of other awards that were given to acknowledge the high caliber of workmanship in constructing his pianos.  The George Steck company continued to produce pianos into the 21st century.  The pianos were viewed as a fine quality piano with depth and character available at a affordable cost.

This George Steck upright is in great condition, both outside and inside.  It will provide a satisfying playing experience for both beginners and advanced players alike with its responsive touch and full resonant sound.  This beautiful polished ebony upright is suitable in a home, studio or classroom.

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