Kawai US-6X in High Polished Ebony



H: 52″ W: 60″ D: 26″

Built in 1989


Kawai US-6X in High Polished Ebony

This Kawai US6X delivers a full, rich tone comparable to the Kawai K800, with similar height and string length. Its height contributes to a deep, resonant sound, particularly in the bass register, matching the tonal quality of a small grand piano. Ideal for pianists desiring a grand piano experience without the space for one, this upright piano offers a grand piano’s sound in a upright form.  It’s cabinet in high polished ebony with it’s grand piano rack would add elegance and classic lines to any room.  This rare Kawai model upright has been well maintained and sure to bring much enjoyment to a family.  Includes free local delivery, warranty and matching bench.



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