Rippen Upright “Maestro” Piano (SOLD)




Rippen Upright “Maestro” Piano (SOLD)

The Rippen piano factory was established in 1937 in Holland. They manufactured over 200,000 high quality and unique pianos before they closed in 1988.  Rippens are considered to be high quality , durable pianos used in homes, schools and conservatories throughout Europe.

This rare beauty was a fantastic find for us!  Very rarely do we come across a piano with such unique and beautiful contouring. It’s an elegant and asymmetrical design that made quite a stir when it was first introduced to the general public.  This is a piano featuring a rare Art Deco case created by a talented and creative piano builder and would not only be a great work of art in a home but a wonderful instrument to entertain family and friends!  Come in to our shop to take a closer look at this beautiful piece in person and perhaps become the proud owner of a musical artwork in the guise of a piano that not only looks beautiful but will give you an amazing sound.

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