Roland LX-5 Digital Piano – $3,799.99 – $4,299.99 (depending on finish)


Roland LX-5 Digital Piano

Available in Polished Ebony, Dark Rosewood, Light Oak and Charcoal Black

**This Roland LX-5 is only available for sale in our local market**

 The LX series pianos blend classic upright looks, grand performance, and modern functionality across three exceptional models. Premium sound and playability capture and convey every musical nuance, while the space-saving designs radiate sophistication in any setting. LX pianos offer a harmonious balance of elegance and convenience, supported by a range of powerful digital features that ignite passions for learning and daily musical enjoyment.


Unmatched Performance Through Roland Piano Modeling

Experienced pianists spend countless hours honing their craft and learning proper piano technique. You deserve a piano that won’t hold you back, one that allows you to express all your passion and skill within every performance.
Most digital pianos use sampling technology to produce sounds. Sampling takes recordings of the individual notes on an acoustic piano and combines them to create the sound you hear. However, this approach dramatically limits the range of expression available when you play.
Roland takes a different approach, leveraging advanced technologies and decades of development to bring you a piano experience like no other. Our Piano Reality Modeling recreates the complex tone-generation process of an acoustic piano at every level, putting beautifully rich sound, inspiring response, and limitless expression under your fingers.

Premium Sound and Touch

Every LX piano produces a lush, resonant voice with intricate overtones and harmonics, backed by expansive dynamic range to support the loudest and softest passages. Listen to a selection of sounds awaiting you inside an LX instrument.

Sound, Performance, and Design in Harmony

The LX-5 is an approachable upright piano that provides a solid foundation for skills to flourish. This entry-level instrument in the LX lineup packs a big sound, backed by advanced sound technology from the flagship LX-9. Feel the smooth hybrid action as your fingers glide over the keys. Tune into convenient digital features to propel performances and support learning. And rest assured that you’ve made a sound investment with a maintenance-free future.

Superior Expression

The LX-5 combines the rich, resonant sound of a premium grand piano with the immediate expression of an upright. In contrast with sampled pianos that just trigger pre-recorded sounds, Roland’s Piano Reality Modeling approach recreates every aspect of an acoustic piano’s voice for a truly immersive musical experience.

Limitless Inspiration

Enjoy endless tonal possibilities and expressive qualities that seamlessly adapt to your playing. Gentle keystrokes produce a dignified, mellow resonance while escalating intensity results in a bright tone that mirrors your dynamic touch. There’s no limit to the performance at your command.

True to Your Touch

To develop proper techniques, there’s no room for compromise regarding the keyboard action. An authentic weighted response allows more nuanced control during your most demanding technical pieces. The innovative PHA-50 hybrid keyboard puts the feel of premium acoustic piano keys under your fingers, combined with durability that will not let you down.

Shape Your Environment

Want to hear your performance from a studio, lounge, concert hall, or cathedral? Instantly transport yourself to four immersive environments with Piano Reality Ambience projected from the Piano Reality Projection four-speaker sound system. Or use headphones to envelop yourself in beautiful music without disturbing others around you.

Design Forte

Whether it’s the star of the room or neatly tucked into a corner, the LX-5’s compact design blends with nearly any space. Classic upright styling makes a striking addition to a range of home décor styles. Want your piano on an upper floor or in a basement? The LX-5 arrives in two boxes for easy installation on any level.

Personalize the Sound

If you want to tweak the LX-5’s tone, there’s no need to call a piano technician. Easily adjust the tonal character through elements like string tuning and temperament, resonance, keyboard sensitivity, and more.

Digital Repertoire

Spark creativity and sharpen skills with enhanced features only available with a Roland digital piano. Access digital scores, play with your favorite tunes, and dive deeper into settings by pairing the piano with the Roland Piano App and other music apps via Bluetooth. Play same-range duets with Twin Piano mode, record your playing to evaluate progress, keep time with the onboard metronome, and so much more.

Piano Reality Modeling sound engine
Width x Height x Depth
1,383 x 1,039 x 468 mm
54 1/2 x 40 15/16 x 18 7/16 inches
74–75.5 kg/164–167 lb.
Polished Ebony, Charcoal Black, Dark Rosewood, and Light Oak
Four-speaker system

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Roland LX705 Digital Piano

Charcoal Black, Dark Rosewood, Light Oak, Polished Ebony

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