Steinway Model M “Chippendale” Grand Piano in Walnut



Built in 1977

Length:  5’7″


Steinway Model M “Chippendale” Grand Piano in Walnut

This is a fabulous sparingly produced and rarely seen Steinway Chippendale 5’7 Grand  that would be a perfect piano for a home, studio, or small concert hall.   It’s resonant and full concert quality sound belies it’s smaller size that makes it suitable for a home.  The  combination of the Steinway sound with the exquisite design made famous by Thomas Chippendale makes this piano a rare fine indeed.   It features the famous Ball & Claw style legs and feet indicative of the Chippendale style and a beautiful Walnut Art-Case design.  Combine this with the quality of a Steinway Piano that produces  a great tone and a responsive touch makes this a grand that would make your dreams come true at a small fraction of a cost of a new Steinway Model M!

*refinishing available for a discounted fee



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