Steinway Model M in Satin Walnut



Built in 1932

Length – 5’7” Width – 4’10”

In stock



Steinway Model M 5′ 7″ Grand Piano in Satin Walnut

We are excited to have this very interesting rare Art case “Colonial” style Steinway Model M built in Steinway & Sons’ New York factory.  These “Colonial” style pianos were crafted in small quantities during the early to mid twentieth century.  Distinguishing characteristics of this style featured rounded tapers legs with classic elegant simple lines in the cabinet and music desk.     This Steinway M is in fantastic shape and resonates with that sound that made Steinway pianos famous. This piano has been refinished in a beautiful satin walnut finish and it’s action is in original condition.   The action is in top condition and was just in need of a little TLC and cleaning. The piano is simply a pleasure to play, listen to, and examine. It has a warm, rich Steinway tone that makes you feel good inside. This is that perfect performer/home grand piano that you’ve been looking for! At a small fraction, literally, of the cost of a new Steinway Model M, and with better woods, tone, and a history this piano will more than make your dreams come true!


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