Story and Clark Console #138043



Built in 1936/37

Height – 39″ Width – 57″ Depth – 25″



Story and Clark Console #138043

A truly rare find for us. Not only do we love to find pianos with French Provincial cabinets, but a Story & Clark too. Story & Clark was one of Americas great piano builders through out the early 20th century. This piano shows off elegant French provincial curved lines in it’s legs and cabinet and has beautiful Ivory keys.  Not only that, but it comes with a matching bench!  Come in to see this beautiful designer console from the 1930’s in person to fully appreciate it’s gorgeous style!
Made in the late 1930’s, this piano is a window into our past when we were still doing fine quality craftsmanship here in the US. We’ve recently refinished this piano and completely serviced the action. And we’re happy to say that this will make a fine instrument for a new family for years to come.

A little on the Story & Clark Company:

Hampton L. Story began his piano venture in 1859 with a music store in Burlington , Vermont. Soon forming his first joint venture Story and Powers, they sold pianos under the names Allen, Guild, and Jewett. In the late 1860’s Story moved his business to Chicago, selling Estey organs. He then joined with Isaac Camp to form the Story and Camp company. Hampton left Camp in 1884 and joined with his son Edward Story and Melville Clark to form the actual Story and Clark Company. First only making reed organs in the 1880’s, it wasn’t until the 1890’s that they actually were producing their own pianos. They gained huge success , opening factories in London, and Berlin as well. By the 1930’s they produced a complete line of pianos; Uprights, Grands, and Players. The Story and Clark name has continued to last through today. The name has since been bought by the QRS Player company and are built over seas.

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