Wurlitzer Spinet #1627479



Built in 1980

H; 42 1/4″, W: 56″, D: 24″

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Wurlitzer Spinet #1627479

Wurlitzer, a renowned name in the music industry, is best known for creating the original jukebox. However, well before the jukebox era, Wurlitzer pianos played a significant role in the music industry’s rich tapestry. A prominent industry leader throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Wurlitzer’s name continues to resonate worldwide. Wurlitzer pianos were regarded as reliable, mid-tier instruments, often favored as excellent choices for beginners. Many individuals have grown up both listening to and playing Wurlitzer-manufactured products. From jukeboxes to guitars, the Wurlitzer brand expanded its influence across a wide range of musical domains. While the company no longer produces pianos or other musical instruments, their enduring legacy is deserving of recognition.

This Wurlitzer spinet piano is a great starter or intermediate piano. It is inexpensive, affordable, easy to maintain and will satisfy the needs of most beginning to intermediate pianists. It doesn’t take up much space in the home and besides being a great instrument is also a beautiful furniture piece. Includes free local delivery, matching bench and warranty.

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