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Yamaha G1 Baby Grand in Satin Ebony



Built in 1994

Length – 5’3″

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Yamaha G1 Baby Grand in Satin Ebony

Yamaha stands out as one of the most renowned manufacturers of high-quality musical instruments. Their commitment to precision and excellence consistently places them among the top-tier piano builders, a reputation they’ve upheld for many years. When opting for a used Yamaha piano, one can be confident that it will continue to function reliably for numerous years.

Take, for instance, this  Yamaha G1 Grand Piano crafted in Japan in 1994.  It adheres to the elevated standards that have propelled Yamaha pianos to global fame. Measuring 5’3″ in length , the G1’s construction with premium materials ensures an exceptional standard of sound quality. Despite its modest size, this piano delivers a beautiful, prolonged sustain and a rich tone that is uncommon. The precision, responsiveness, and durability of the Yamaha G1’s action further contribute to its outstanding performance.  This grand would be the perfect size for a home, studio or school.

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