GL-30 Aures 2 – 5’5″ Classic Grand Piano




The new GL-30 AURES2 AnyTime Hybrid Grand Piano combines the award-winning performance of our GL Series Grand Pianos with the versatility of a top-of-the-line digital instrument. If quiet practice is required, simply mute the piano and use headphones to access 90 digital sounds, including our Shigeru concert grand piano and much more.


With almost a century of fine piano craftsmanship as a foundation, Kawai takes the piano into the future with the GL-30 AURES 2 AnyTime Hybrid Grand Piano. Flawlessly blending advanced digital piano technology into the traditional grand piano, the GL-30 AURES 2 reaches new heights of musical possibilities. Pianists can use the 90 digital sounds independently or layered with the acoustic grand piano for novel and exciting tone combinations. Moreover, when the baby is sleeping, children are studying or neighbors need quiet, you can mute the acoustic piano and play silently through headphones.

The GL-30 AURES 2 has the outstanding touch of the awarding-winning GL Series grand pianos thanks to the renowned Millennium III carbon fiber action as well as the warm, vibrant tone Kawai grand pianos are known for. The digital sounds are produced by Kawai’s proprietary rendering and harmonic imaging XL technology. Plus, by using the PianoRemote app, players can enjoy other powerful features including record, metronome, split and layer modes as well as Bluetooth audio and MIDI connectivity. Discover the many musical possibilities of the GL-30 AURES 2. In one amazing instrument, you have all the best the acoustic and digital worlds have to offer.

  • Length:5’5″ (166 cm)
  • Width:4’11″ (150 cm)
  • Height:3’4″ (102 cm)
  • Weight:688 lbs. (312 kg)

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Kawai GL30 Grand Piano

Ebony Polish, Ebony Satin, Snow White Polish, Brown Sapele Mahogany, Dark Walnut Satin

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