KAWAI K-15 Continental Console Piano


 $5,295 – $5,695 depending on finish

Designed in the “continental ” style — without legs or toeblock — the K-15 offers all the essential elements of Kawai quality to provide simple elegance and sturdy performance.


Kawai K-15 Continental Console Piano

Available in Ebony Polish, Mahogany Polish,  Ivory –   $5,295 to $5,695 depending on finish


Offering impressive features at an affordable price, the K-15 upright piano is a great introduction to Kawai upright piano quality. Featuring our exclusive Ultra-Responsive Direct Blow Action, the K-15 delivers a touch and feel that is delicate, controlled and amazingly consistent. Its premium soundboard is made of the finest straight-grained spruce, carefully selected to deliver exceptional dynamic range and outstanding tonal balance. The K-15 upright piano also features a contemporary “continental” design that complements today’s modern living environments. With its full complement of musical features, the K-15 upright is an excellent choice for families and first-time piano buyers.

Main Features

Ultra-Responsive Direct Blow Action
Exclusive ABS Styran Action Parts
Solid Spruce Soundboard
Hard Maple Pinblock
4 Back Posts




Height 43.3″ (110 cm)
Width 58.6″ (149 cm)
Depth 23.2″ (59 cm)
Weight 431 lbs (196 kg)
Action Ultra-Responsive™ with ABS Styran Parts
Hammer Felts Sycamore / Maple
Soundboard Solid Spruce
Back Posts Four, Fully Laminated
Pedals Damper, Practice, Soft
Casters Single, Brass
Finishes Polished Ebony, Polished Mahogany



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Additional information

Kawai K15

Ebony Polish, Mahogany Polish, Snow White Polish

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