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The legendary MP series continues with the revolutionary new MP11 Professional Stage Piano. Featuring new Concert Grand, Pop Grand and Jazz Grand sounds, plus Kawai’s new RM3 wooden-key action with Let-off and Ivory-feel key surfaces, this is the only instrument for the piano purist.


Kawai MP11SE … Demand the Best

The top-model in the Kawai MP Series that was named “Pro Digital Piano Line of the Year” in 2014 and 2018 by the readers of MMR Magazine, the MP11SE has the most authentic keyboard, the most realistic sound, and the most articulate control in its class. This MP Series professional stage pianos are acknowledged worldwide for their outstanding tone and performance. With a class-leading Grand Feel wooden-key keyboard action, a masterful MIDI controller and a stunning selection of acoustic grand piano sounds, the Kawai MP11SE is the stage piano for musicians who will not accept compromise.

Main Features

Ultra Progressive Harmonic Imaging
88-key Piano Sampling
Grand Feel (GF) Wooden-Key action
New Concert Grand pianos
New EPs with Amp Simulations
27 Ultra-Quality Sounds / 156 User Setups
USB recorder – MP3, WAV & MIDI
Single-Zone MIDI control

MP11 – More Info


The MP11 features Kawai’s powerful new Ultra Progressive Harmonic Imaging with 88-key piano sampling. This unique technology creates sounds with an extremely high level of detail and expression. Learn More »


For Touch, the MP11 uses the new RM3 Grand action with Let-off. This action uses real wooden keys with Ivory Touch key surfaces along with a mechanical design patterned after our grand piano actions. Learn More »

Vintage EPs and Amp Simulations

The MP11 offers new vintage Tine, Reed and Clavi sounds painstakingly sampled from actual instruments. A variety of amp simulations adds to the richness and authenticity of these sounds.

27 Ultra High-Quality Sounds in all

The MP11’s superb sounds include collections of Concert Grands, Jazz Grands, Pop Pianos, and Vintage EP’s, along with other useful sounds.

Simple, Streamlined Control

The MP11’s panel is clearly laid out with independent Piano, EP and Sub sound sections (Sub is a collection of ancillary sounds) Each Section has its own on / off switch and volume fader, plus controls for effects and editing. A fourth Section provides control over an external MIDI zone. Further real-time control is made possible by four assignable knobs surrounding the instrument’s display.

USB Audio

New USB Audio functionality provides the ability to record and

play both MP3 and WAV audio files using a USB device. It’s even possible to overdub audio with this feature. This is perfect for recording a sudden inspiration or performing along with prerecorded backing tracks

Reverb & Effects

The MP11 comes with a host of studio quality reverbs and 25 high quality effects. Indispensible EP effects such as tremolo and auto pan are included as well as a collection of all the classic modulation effects such as chorus, phaser, auto wah, pedal wah you need to re-create your favorite vintage EP sounds. In addition, a variety of delays, flangers, overdrive / distortion and rotary speaker effects are provided to give you even more creative possibilities for tailoring the MP11 sounds.

156 User Setups

Settings and assignments for all four Sections can be saved into any one of 156 User Setups for instant recall during a performance


Included with the instrument is the F20 damper (with half dampering) and soft pedal assembly.


Both the 3 MIDI jacks and USB jack are useful for connecting with other musical instruments and computers. The instrument also has stereo XLR and Line Out jacks, along with connections for an assignable footswitch and an expression pedal. Line In jacks route audio to the USB audio recorder as well as to the instruments audio outs.

Headphone Jack

A headphone jack allows the player to listen to the instrument in privacy.

Music Rack

A heavy duty metal rack, which conveniently mounts on top of the instrument, is also included.

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