Rare Kawai “Marco Polo” 75 Keys Piano Miniature Piano


Height:  40 “,  Width: 49 1/2″,  Depth: 22 1/5”


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This is a rare small piano built by Kawai in Japan.  This terrific 75 keys mini piano is ideal for little children to learn the basics of piano.  The key span of this miniature piano is perfect for children to practice their piano playing skills.  For the young budding composer, it will spark the creative imagination for composing short (or long) pieces .  This little gem of a piano is also perfect for a smaller size home or studio that doesn’t have space for a full size upright.  It will blend into it’s surroundings while also adding an aesthetically pleasing warmth to a room. Purchase includes free local delivery, matching bench and the first in home tuning is free.



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