Roland LX-6 Digital Piano – $4,999.99 – $5,599.99 depending on finish


Roland LX-6 Digital Piano

Available in Polished Ebony, Dark Rosewood, and Charcoal Black

**This Roland LX-6 Digital Piano is only available for sale in our local market

The Mezzo LX Model

Discover the striking performance of the LX-6 upright digital piano. This mid-level piano within the LX lineup contains the same breathtaking sounds and key touch as the flagship LX-9 model. Adjustable tone, responsive keys, and a classic upright design harmoniously deliver nuanced expression. Maintenance-free upkeep keeps costs down, and an array of cutting-edge features propel playing with onboard learning tools, Bluetooth connectivity, and more.

Make a Statement

Fill your home with the complex tonal colors of a world-class piano. Fine-tune tonal details to achieve your perfect sound, from timbre to resonance and string tuning. Advanced Piano Reality Modeling articulates every dynamic expression, making it easy to pour your full emotion into every performance.

A Tapestry of Tones

The LX-6 provides a vast range of tonal variation and expression that naturally responds to your performance. Play softly for a stately, mellow tone. And as you crescendo, the tone responds to your dynamics with brightness. When emotion and technique flow through your fingers, the LX-6 reflects that passion.

Authentic Action

When you play the piano, the keys should feel like an extension of your body. The LX-6’s precision keyboard is ready to support your musical journeys with weighted action, escapement, long Hybrid Grand keys, and a natural Ivory Feel. From advanced articulations to the most dynamic expressions, this top-flight keyboard transforms all your intentions into music.

Enveloping Ambience

Immerse yourself in the sound of four different environments with Piano Reality Ambience. Bask in the inspiring reverberation of a concert hall or cathedral or keep things intimate within a lounge or studio space. The Piano Reality Projection sound system with five speakers delivers highly accurate acoustic sound elements, from hammer noise to string and cabinet resonance. And when you want to enjoy the LX-6 without disturbing others, plug in headphones for an enveloping playing experience that only you can hear.

Modern Elegance

The LX-6 offers an elegant upright look with a touch panel and screen that can be blacked out to maintain a seamless appearance. Acoustic pianos demand specific conditions for the best sound and are difficult to transport. The LX-6 sounds great in any room and ships in two boxes for easy installation, from basements to upper-level floors.

Piano Reality Modeling sound engine
Width x Height x Depth
1,383 x 1,118 x 493 mm
54 1/2 x 44 1/16 x 19 7/16 inches
87–88.5 kg/192–196 lb.
Polished Ebony, Charcoal Black, and Dark Rosewood
Five-speaker system


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Charcoal Black, Dark Rosewood, Polished Ebony

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