Steinway Model “V” Upright



Built in 1916

Height = 50″ Width = 60″ Depth = 26 1/2″

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Steinway Model “V” Upright

This Steinway upright is one of our favorites. Great big sound in an amazing classic vintage cabinet. The cabinet has been refinished into a stunning Mahogany luster, new hammers and strings have been installed, and brand new action makes it a true pleasure to play. This beautiful upright has been restored with the highest quality parts and materials.   This piano was built in the golden years of piano manufacturing and specifically the golden years of Steinway piano manufacturing. Only the best materials were put into this instrument. And one note’s sound will tell you this. This piano truly exemplifies why Steinway became world renown for it’s high caliber instruments used by talented and discerning pianist worldwide!

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