Vose & Sons Upright in Mahogany


Built in 1903

Width – 56 1/2” Height – 57” Depth – 27”


Vose & Sons Upright in Mahogany

A little on the Vose & Sons Company:

Started by cabinet maker James Whiting (J.W.) Vose in 1851 in Boston, the company built top quality instruments with often intricately detailed cabinetry. By 1889 J.W. Vose had incorporated his company with all stock owner by the Vose family. By 1900 they had become one of Americas top piano manufacturers. But sadly and like so many other companies they were incorporated into the American Piano Co. Aeolian family of piano brands due to tough times when the Great Depression hit. The Vose name was used on pianos all the way until 1985.

This beautiful piano was built at the peak of Vose & Sons manufacturing. It is a real pleasure to have it in our shop. Almost “overbuilt”, this instrument structurally hasn’t budged since the day that it was made. No cracks, no warping in any of its woods. It’s resonance is amazing. Even though many of the strings are dead, one can still hear its enormous resonance. We are truly excited to get to work on it. The true attention to detail and the gorgeous mahogany wood grain will make a refinish well worth it. And not just on the outer cabinet will it turn out amazing once again, but the insides as well. This piano is a rare piece of fine art. And when the action is “modernized” to play up to current standards it will be unsurpassed by any modern piano.

Full restoration usually takes 2 months and we require at least a 1/3 of the balance as a non refundable, but transferable deposit. If for any means you are not completely satisfied with this piano during or after the restoration process, you can transfer your deposit to any other piano of similar cost.

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