Bluthner Upright in High Polished Ebony


H:52″, W:60″ ,D:24 1/2″

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Bluthner Upright in High Polished Ebony

We were extremely excited to find this piano and it had been well taken care of.  This extremely rare European made upright is easily the most impressive sounding piano in the shop today, rivaling Steinway and other similar quality uprights.   It not only looks beautiful but it plays like a dream with its rich tonal quality and amazing warmth.   It would be a pure pleasure to press down on it’s immaculate keys to elicit that beautiful tone that epitomes the high quality of workmanship and material that Bluthner pianos are known for.   For almost 200 years the Bluthner name has been synonymous with high performance, finely built pianos in the same league as Steinways, Bechsteins and Bosendorfers. This piano is no exception, with its warmth and clarity of sound , it showcases one of the best musical instruments that this well-known German company produces .   This is an incredible musical instrument that would produce the wonderful quality of sound to a music loving home or music studio at a fraction of a cost of a new Bluthner.

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