Weber & Co Upright in Exotic Rosewood (Sold)


Built in 1880-1885


Width – 70 1/2” Height – 57” Depth – 27”


Weber & Co Upright in Exotic Rosewood

This upright piano made in the late 1800’s has been fully re-finished showing off its beautiful exotic rosewood cabinet. The cost alone to buy old growth wood like this would be incredible and honestly it is probably not available anymore. The craftsmanship put into its cabinet is simply astonishing. We figure this piano was probably a custom job for a theater or church. When we found this instrument it was covered in 100 years worth of dust with an action that barely worked. We looked it over thoroughly found that its structure as solid as a rock and completely stable (i.e. not even a single crack in its soundboard). When we first played this giant in its original shape, it had a tone that resembled something out of an old silent movie, but a even with its original strings it sung like a 7’ grand piano. We’ve since restored this amazing instrument; new strings, pins, German hammers, etc.,. Not only does it really sound like a 7’ grand piano now, but its looks simply put are a marvel. And to top all of that it still has its Original Ivory keys!!! It is ready to be enjoyed for another 100 years to come!

A little on the Weber company:

Weber & Co was established by Albert Weber in 1852 in Manhattan, New York. Their pianos rose in the ranks very quickly and were renowned for their tone and quality caftsmanship during the early 1900’s often beating out Steinway & Sons, Mason & Hamlin, and Chickering in competitions. For some quick info on Weber & Co. please follow one of the links below.

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