R.S. Howard Co. Upright – Restored (SOLD)



Built in 1904

Dimensions: Width = 64″ Depth = 28″ Height = 53 1/2″


R.S. Howard Co. Upright – Restored (SOLD)

A little on the R.S. Howard Company:

The R.S. Howard  Piano Company began producing pianos in New York City in 1902.  They soon became the largest exporters of pianos to Central and South America with their expertly crafted pianos. In the 1960’s the company was purchased by the Jansen Company.  The R.S Howard pianos are still found all over central and South America.  They are not often seen outside of Central or South America so we are very pleased to present this restored beauty in all it’s refinished and restored glory. Take a look at the luxurious dark walnut finish with beautiful detailing!  We also gave this piano whole new strings and a brand new action and now it sings like a dream!  This piano has truly come back to life and will provide many more years of musical enjoyment to a family!

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