Behr Brothers Upright – Restored



Built in 1921

H: 54  W: 63  D: 27 1/2



Behr Bros. Upright – Restored

A little on the Behr Bros. Company:

In 1880 Behr Brothers Piano Company was founded by Henry Behr and his brother Edward.   The original name given to the partnership of Henry Behr and Edward Behr was “The H. Behr & Brother Piano Company.  During the next few years, the company was known as “Behr, Brother & Company, with the last name change in 1984 to Behr Brothers & Company.  During the late 19th and early 20th century  Behr Brothers played a major role in the piano building industry.  In 1910, the Kohler & Campbell Piano Company took over Behr Brothers and manufactured the Behr Brothers pianos into the middle of the 20th Century.

This Behr Bros. upright piano has been fully restored with new action, new strings and refinished in a beautiful dark walnut color.  Basically, it looks and feels like it just came out the Behr Bros. factory just yesterday!  Plays like a dream, and looks so beautiful with the refinishing, yet also retains that glorious vintage quality.   Purchase includes free local delivery, matching bench and the first in-home tuning is free.


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