KAWAI US-50 in High Polished Ebony



Built in 1985

H: 52″, W: 60 1/2″ , D: 26″


Kawai US-50 in High Polished Ebony

This Kawai US-50 upright piano would be ideal for a teaching studio, home or school.  Not only does this 52″ full -size upright offer an incredible full sound that rivals many baby grands, it offers a very responsive action and a dynamic range that is lacking in similar size uprights. It features a classic high polished ebony finish and a grand piano style music rack that adds style and class to is appearance.  This is a high quality upright piano built to last through many years of practice and performance if maintained on a regular basis.  It will add style and lovely tones to inspire and motivate aspiring pianists or more seasoned pianists.  Try this upright to be astounded at it’s incredibly rich sound!


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