Emerson Grand Upright ** Awaiting Restoration **


Built in 1918



Emerson Grand Upright ** Awaiting Restoration**

 William P. Emerson established the Emerson Piano Company in Boston in 1849.  During that time of piano production , the Emerson Piano company became one of the most established names in Boston piano building, and this expertise and knowledge soon led to their success across America.  The Emerson Piano company was known for crafting superb quality pianos using exotic woods and creating beautiful cabinets that matched the superior instrument inside.
This piano epitomizes what the Emerson Piano company represented during the early twentieth century: A grand upright of incredible woodwork and and beautiful detailing.  All it needs is a little TLC to restore it to it’s former majestic beauty and that is something we would take great pleasure in doing.  Come in to inquire about what we can do to restore this magnificent beauty.


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