Ivers and Pond Upright ** Awaiting Restoration**


Built in 1909



Ivers and Pond Upright  **Awaiting Restoration**

We are always happy to get an Ivers and Pond piano in our shop. These instruments are almost always great sounding. This company was on par with Steinway & Sons, Baldwin, and Mason & Hamlin. They are real top quality pianos both in the exotic wood used and the premier quality of internal mechanisms. Virtually every Ivers and Pond made by the original company in Boston that we have received, we have rebuilt in some form or another.  We encourage everyone to look up the Ivers and Pond Company to get a good background on one of the best manufacturers in the U.S. during the early twentieth century.  Restoring one of these will not cost you a fortune but will reward you with a top quality instrument. Ask us about what we can do to restore this wonderful piano to make it look and sound great once again!


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