“A musical instrument represents many things—artistic expression, personal dedication, family traditions, a link to the past. Our restoration services help to keep your traditions alive.”

Is your family piano run down? Does it have an “alligator finish”? Will it not hold its tune? Are the hammers done for? We can help.

Often many older pianos were built well enough that they would be worth restoring. Between the beautifully veneered and hand carved cabinets, and the strong structural supports it is almost a crime not to “bring back to life” these amazing pieces of history. This is our passion and we use only the best parts including German made action parts and strings.

Common types of work that we do includes: Refinishing of cabinet, soundboard, and plate, installing new hammers, shanks, hammer butts, flanges, wippens, strings, pins, pinblock, bushings, keytops (ivory or new plastics), bridge repairs, structural repairs, soundboard repairs, new castor installation, and more.

Our Restoration Process:

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